Catalunya crida democràcia i llibertat

Mai fins ara havíem expressat cap opinió política en aquest web, però els fets que s’han produït avui, 2 de novembre del 2017, a Catalunya, ens obliga a posicionar-nos, en pro de la democràcia i de la llibertat. El govern de Catalunya ha estat empresonat fa poques hores per complir escrupulosament amb el mandat democràtic dels seus ciutadans. Un grup de mitjans de comunicació catalans, encapçalats pel diari El Punt Avui, ha signat una editorial conjunta denunciant la greu situació i reclamant a les institucions internacionals que prenguin part en un conflicte que pretén silenciar la veu de tot un poble. Aquí podeu llegir Editorial conjunta


Never before have we expressed any political opinion on this website, but the events that took place today, November 2, 2017, in Catalonia, forces us to position ourselves, for democracy and freedom. A few hours ago, the government of Catalonia has been jailed to scrupulously comply with the democratic mandate of its citizens. A group of Catalan media, headed by the newspaper El Punt Avui, has signed a joint editorial denouncing the grave situation and calling on international institutions to take part in a conflict that seeks to silence the voice of a whole nation. Here you can read the joint editorial in English:

With the legitimate Government of Catalonia

The Government of Catalonia was imprisoned yesterday in compliance with a judicial proceeding in which it is accused of rebellion following the proclamation of the Republic. This is a devastating occurrence that reminds us of other dramatic moments in our history. In addition to this preventive imprisonment of the vice-President and seven ministers and a former minister, the rest of the government and President Carles Puigdemont are in Belgium, pending an international arrest warrant. As well, next week the Speaker of the House and five members of the House Committee will testify, charged with the same accusations. The leaders of the country and of two major civic organisations have been subject to repressive measures and the outlook is bleak.

For the sake of democracy and peace, it is necessary that the members of the legitimate Government of Catalonia are released and, along with the exiles, may resume their duties. It is necessary that the sovereign Parliament of Catalonia is reopened. The proceedings against hundreds of mayors, public officials and other citizens must be halted. And the episodes of violence against the civilian population during the October 1 referendum must not be repeated .

International institutions must become aware that Catalonia is a nation, not an invention and its legitimate demands for democracy to resolve the conflict with Spain must be met. The Catalan nation will not be silenced by repressive measures. National and democratic rights must be respected in the context of civility and tolerance.

Editorial signed by: El Punt Avui, L’Esportiu, Vilaweb, El Nacional, Nació Digital, Diari Ara, Directe, El Temps, Enderrock, Racó Català, El Vallenc, Nova Conca, Esguard, L’Opció, Sàpiens, Descobrir, El Món, Bonart, Tot Sant Cugat, Tot Cerdanyola, Tot Rubí, El Món Terrassa and Revista Mirall

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